Ears To Hear
Father's Choice

Father's Choice is the first in a series of fiction by Rhonda Hanson. Set in Nashville, Tennessee, Father's Choice is the story of Meredith, a beautiful, well-known singer with a heart as big as her temper is hot. She loves Father intensely but wars with her mouth and her tendency is to react, rather than respond, to others around her.

Joel Etheridge is Meredith's patient, long-suffering and understandably grim manager who has so successfully covered his heart that Meredith sometimes wonders if he can stand her. Theirs is a rocky, fragile and yet, enduring relationship. You will be drawn into what is on one level, a very human love story and on another, a touching picture of Christ and His Bride.

Father's Choice is endorsed by LuLu Roman, former star of "Hee Haw" and by Nancy Alcorn, founder and president of Mercy Ministries of America. Although currently out of print, Father's Choice is scheduled to be re-released as a paper-back, as well as in digital form.

Father's Wings, the sequel to Father's Choice, was completed by Rhonda but tucked away until she felt it was time for its release. This story seamlessly picks up where the first book ends and brings back the people you will feel you have known all your life after reading Father's Choice. In the sequel, you will meet new characters and enter into a world of spiritual warfare and intercession. Early reviews promise the reader that Father's Wings stands up solidly next to Father's Choice as an anointed work of fiction. Father's Wings is slated for release in the near future in both printed and digital form.

PahwooThe Adventures of Pahwoo and her Friends is a compilation of bed-time stories told by Rhonda Hanson to her grandchildren over a period of seven years.She recently captured them in print before they slipped out of her memory. An outlandish pink owl, an intelligent cat, a gentle goat, a chatty field mouse, and a pony who dreams of flying. These are the barnyard friends who fill the pages of this book with one adventure after another. The Adventures of Pahwoo and her Friends is currently available in paperback form and soon to be offered as a digital purchase.

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